Above ground, many trees, shrubs and plants are dormant now, but below ground, in the root zone and surrounding areas, there's a party going on! With the welcomed rains on the Central Coast and the warmer-than-usual winter weather (or maybe not so unusual!), the soil food web, including micro-organisms, micro and macro arthropods, and earthworms...if you're lucky enough to have some...are alive and active. If there IS, in fact, a soil food web there to begin with. It could be a good time to add VermiCompost to the garden beds, around trees and shrubs and top with mulch, (we use a lot of straw - it's a good source of carbon) to keep them warm and happy, in case we get a frosty snap. Microbes love moisture, and by adding organic matter and microbes now, they have the opportunity to multiply and thrive, getting ready for your spring plantings. 

If you weren't real pleased with last year's crop, perhaps a soil test is in order. Give me a call, and with a few questions, I'll direct you to the right place for a simple, inexpensive soil test. It will provide you with information regarding the amount of organic matter in your soil, what minerals are present and in what quantities, along with the capacity of your soil to hold them. When you receive your test results, we'll make suggestions to put your soil in balance and you'll be on your way to a rewarding experience of nutrient dense food that make your taste buds dance!

Remember, if healthy is not in your soil, it's not in your food. If healthy isn't in your food, it's not in your body. 

-Cristy, Black Diamond VermiCompost