So, how do you use
Black Diamond Vermicompost?

Example of strong root growth in 1 month
LEFT: 2 TBS Black Diamond VermiCompost
RIGHT: Nothing added


Add a small pinch of VermiCompost to help stimulate germination and growth of the young seedling.

Once your plants are ready to be transplanted to the garden, simply dig a small hole for each and add one or two teaspoonfuls of VermiCompost before adding the young plant.

If you purchase 3” – 4” plants from your local nursery, add one or two tablespoons to your planting hole. 


Add a handful to the planting hole upon transplant. The stable, mature characteristics of Black Diamond VermiCompost will not burn roots. Nutrition is immediately available to the root system which helps establish and strong and far-reaching root zone. Plants generally establish quicker, hold water longer and transplant stress is kept to a minimum.


Add a cup or 2, depending on plant size, around the base of the plant and scratch it into the soil, then water well.

Another method of measurement is to add approximately 1/2” of VermiCompost to the soil surface at the base of the plant to its outermost leaf zone. Scratch it in and water. This way feeder and surface roots get attention too, not just the roots at the base of the plant.

Trees and large shrubs can benefit too even if the surrounding soil is compacted. All plants need food, air and water. In compacted soil, roots have difficulty moving and growing and mining for nutrition. Anaerobic conditions can prove hazardous, giving way to pathogens and pests. We have proven techniques to help you. Give us a call; we can email you some pertinent information.

The microbes in VermiCompost are very sensitive to UV, and the moisture holding properties will be of more value down toward the root zone.

Lawns and turf

Broadcast at a rate of approximately 1 lb per sq ft. and water.

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