we are proudly registered Organic



FIRST STAGE: Worm food preparation

Our proprietary vermi-food starts with pre-composted, screened, separated cow manure. The solids are hot composted in an aerated composting system (ACS) for a few weeks. This thermophyllic process is regulated and closely monitored. Temperatures range from 135 – 160 deg F. and meet USDA/NOP composting necessities for pathogen reduction. It is highly nutritious and contains vast colonies of actinomycetes and fungi, some of worms' favorite foods.

SECOND STAGE: Vermicomposting

Prepared feedstock is thinly layered on the tops of continuous flow-through worm beds containing high populations of eisenia fetida (red wiggler) worms.  After processing and digesting for approximately 8-10 weeks, vermicompost is harvested from the bottom, then screened and packaged.