Black Diamond Vermicompost Tea

In addition to using vermicompost, brewing tea and using it as a soil drench or foliar spray has shown to be very beneficial. The bacterial and fungal population in quality compost is about 1 billion per teaspoon. In actively aerated vermicompost tea (AACT), this population can grow exponentially. The beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa go straight to the root system or leaf surfaces right where they are needed.

What is “tea”?

Aerated Compost Tea is made from Vermicompost and water which goes through a thorough and highly active aerating process. Quality compost Tea will increase species diversity of leaf, stem, flower, seed-surface and soil microorganisms. These microorganisms will select, eat and destroy the disease-causing pests and organisms in the soil and on the plant.

Benefits of using Tea:

  • Boosts plant’s natural immune system, suppresses foliar diseases and interferes with pathogens trying to infect the plant tissue.
  • Soil structure is improved. Water retention and oxygen reach the root system and increase root depth.
  • Nutritional quality of the plant is enhanced.

Our Tea

Every batch of our tea is made fresh using Black Diamond Vermicompost and should be used within 8 hours for maximum benefit. We use a special blend of ingredients to kick-start the microbial population growth.

In 24 hours, your tea will be ready to pick up, or we can arrange delivery for an extra fee. 


For tea to be most effective, apply within 8-24hrs of picking it up. Applied as a foliar spray with a large or small sprayer. Make sure to saturate all plant surfaces. Do not apply in direct sun.