Black Diamond Vermicompost

We are proudly registered Organic

Black Diamond VermiCompost is food for soil. The soil will feed your plant roots giving energy to the plant above ground. It is an active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes and is rich in water-soluble plant nutrients. VermiCompost is pH neutral and contains minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium... all in a form immediately available to the plant, without the risk of burning.

Black Diamond VermiCompost is available in the following sizes:

3 Qt. bag - suitable for those with a few indoor plants. It is also enough for up to 48 small transplants.

.5 cu ft bag - enough to feed 6 - 10 mid-size perennials. This size will also be adequate to start a 4 x 8 raised bed full of plants and feed them once or twice, depending on the plant size. This is our most popular size.

1 cu ft bag - this size bag works well for large raised beds or in-ground gardens. It will cover a 100 sf area with a 1/2” and should be worked into the top 3” of soil.

Bulk quantities are also available. Call us for a quote.


what is Vermicompost?

High quality VermiCompost is an excellent soil amendment. It is often referred to as Nature's original fertilizer. By inoculating soil with active micro-organisms, plants and trees are provided with some of the essentials for a strong, productive life.

A partial list of micro-organisms
and what they do in and for
the soil & plants:


  • keep nutrients near root zones

  • improves water flow by binding soil particles together

  • compete with disease-causing microbes

  • filter and degrade pollutants as water flows through soil

  • give soil “earthy” smell


  • release nutrients

  • increase decomposition rates in organic matter

  • provide food for other soil food web members

  • feed on pathogens


  • break down complex carbons

  • hold nutrients for later use

  • change soil structure by forming aggregates

  • Mycorrhizae fungi improve plant growth

  • some fungi types set traps for bad organisms and have them for lunch

  • other fungi decompose some pollutants and compete with plant pathogens

Beneficial Nematodes:

  • regulate populations of other soil organisms

  • mineralize nutrients into plant available forms

  • consume disease-causing organisms

Benefits of vermicompost

Why is vermicompost so effective when used around plants? Jeff Lowenfels, author of Teaming With Microbes, has this to say “For one thing they are the perfect environment for microorganisms that feed on the organic matter in the pellets, and, in turn, the worms digestive enzymes unlock or breakdown, chemical bonds that otherwise tie up nutrients and prevent them from being available for plant roots to use."

Black Diamond VermiCompost provides further benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Enables and empowers your plants natural immune system to ward off pest attacks and root destroying micro-organisms

  • The diversity of micro-organisms help maintain a balance in the soil food web

  • Plants show more vitality and vigor

  • Increased soil tilth and water holding capabilities

  • Ongoing use will help create a self-sustaining soil food web to reward you for years to come