May 9, 2018

Hello Cristy,

I’m sending along some photos of our navel orange trees that, now, have been treated twice with Black Diamond worm tea. Clear in the photos are the large, glossy green leaves of the new spring growth. 

My grove has had a historical problem with phytopthora parasitica, one strain of the fungus that attacks the roots of citrus and trees having this particular rootstock.  I have used fungicides for years in an attempt to inhibit the impact on the grove.  The results using this method have been disappointing and costly.  Since we are transitioning to organic, I needed to find a new (and better) method for treatment of this stubborn disease. That led us to Black Diamond’s door. 

The initial results with worm tea can only be called, “astounding”.  After just two applications this spring, one to soil the other foliar, the trees are clearly responding.  Even the weaker trees are showing marked improvement. The stronger trees have had the usual spring flush of growth as well as an additional flush of healthy foliage a few weeks later. This I attribute to the abundance of beneficial organisms present in the worm tea and now working in the soil. Needless to say, I am, both, pleased and relieved to see this recovery and major step toward a healthy grove.

I believe that a regular addition of worm tea will be beneficial and cost effective.  I especially like the return to the conventional wisdom of how to care for the soil; a belief held strongly by father and grandfather.  “Take care of the soil and the trees will take care of you”,  they would say. Without question, by adding your worm tea to enhance the living organisms in the soil, we are doing just that.

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September 2017

Instead of adding Dawn's testimonial here, I would like to direct you to her blog post. This also allows you to see what wonderous work she is doing with Horse & Man. You will truly enjoy reading her stories. Click here to learn what she writes about her experience using Black Diamond VermiCompost on her trees.

This was the poorly tree I got for cheap at LOWES. On the left was when it was planted using Orchard Blend Gold. On the right is today, almost 4 months later.

This was the poorly tree I got for cheap at LOWES. On the left was when it was planted using Orchard Blend Gold. On the right is today, almost 4 months later.

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"The nature and health of every living thing begins with the soil and understanding this means that there is only one way to achieve healthy plants and/or animals and that is through the use of organics. I've been using Black Diamond VermiCompost for years and these photographic images are a testament to the positive effect that this organic vermicompost has had on these plants. I have been utterly surprised by the height, color and bloom circumference as well as the number of blooms and stalks that all of these plants have produced." - Sher A. Zabaszkiewicz, Paso Robles, CA

"There are three things that we use at Chaparral Gardens to amend our soil every year. Mushroom compost, legume cover crop and Black Diamond VermiCompost Tea!

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We are strong believers in the compost tea as it helps provide our crops with a vigorous and strong root development. The root development allows the plants to generate nutrient uptake resulting in nutrient dense food.

At Chaparral Gardens we farm the soil not the plants. Black Diamond VermiCompost is a must have if you want healthy soil and plants.

Don't settle for any other brand. Black Diamond VermiCompost is the industry leader." - Craig Clark, Owner Chaparral Gardens Vinegar


Thank you Jeff!!