Vineyard Applications

Soil in the vineyard can benefit greatly with vermicompost. At planting time it can be especially valuable. By adding only a cup of Black Diamond VermiCompost to the planting hole, young vines get immediate nourishment and protection. Enhancing the biological and chemical properties of the soil will aid in:

  • vine development and stronger growth
  • root development and reduction of vine loss
  • improved grape color and size; increased Brix
  • reduction of pesticide use
  • better water retention

Over time, soil structure will change and improve. At less than $.25 per vine, it's a wise investment and a fraction of the entire vineyard's start up cost. See Effects Of Vermicompost On Plant Growth for information published on grape yields, soil analyses and overall plant health.

Using Black Diamond VermiCompost around existing plants is effective too. For economy purposes, adding 30% vermicompost to mature, stable thermophylic compost can be an attractive option, further supported by following with a vermicompost tea application. The multitude and diversity of micro-organisms in Black Diamond VermiCompost Tea work with compost, soil and tea amendments to increase the biomass of beneficial fungi, bacteria and predator populations (protozoa and nematodes) - the determining aspects for available nitrogen. We can discuss soil drench, drip or foliar applications to fit your needs.