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Black Diamond VermiCompost supplies one of the most important components for successful crops. Front and center stage are the worm castings, known for eons for their unique plant vitality properties. Stable, mature and biologically active organic matter is the result of our proprietary production process. Humates, nutrient cycling, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes are present. When combined with the right balance of pH, minerals, air and quality water, you now have the recipe for nutrient dense food crops, flower production and vigorous turf and pastureland with a minimum of disease or pest pressure.

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Preparing trees and vines for the winter is an important part of your soil fertility program as you look ahead to next year's production. We are extending a special offer to you for a limited time. It is an economical way to experience the synergy that takes place between your existing post-harvest program by adding biologically active liquid extract to your nutrients. It is also a way to try-before-you-buy should you be considering the purchase of compost tea/extract equipment. We are confident you will be impressed. For additional information on post-harvest soil fertility, click here

  Pre-order by 9/28 for additional discounts.

Pre-order by 9/28 for additional discounts.