GT250 - from $3850

The Greater Earth Organics brewing and extracting system is top of the line on the market. Designed, engineered and built for making high quality teas and extracts, this durable equipment is well thought-out and made with all stainless steel parts.

Although most compost tea machines are fairly simple devices, there are several characteristics of the GEOTEA Machine that make it perform better.  As an overview, consider that making high quality compost tea consists of three major components, which are extraction, aeration and ease of cleanliness.   


The proprietary extractor dome is one of the most valuable features on this machine. When you use premium quality compost like Black Diamond, you want to be sure as much extraction of the microbial population as possible takes place.

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The GEOTEA machine excels in aeration because it utilizes a high output air pump in a relatively shallow (30”) tank with a lot of surface area.  Beyond that, the GEOTEA machine incorporates “wave-form technology” on the water surface which mimics the wave action in whitewater rapids.  This organized movement of water entrains oxygen at the surface, much like the whitewater effect in a river or waves on a beach. By maintaining a highly aerobic environment during the tea brewing process, you can be assured that a beneficial tea is being made.  The GEOTEA machine uses a custom-made stainless steel air diffuser tube which doesn’t ever wear out, restrict airflow or clog with biofilm.

easy to clean

Biofilm build up can take place if there are pipes and parts that allow this condition to occur. This is not a concern as GEOTEA machines are made of food grade stainless steel components which are designed to be easily dis-assembled, cleaned and re-assembled so no biofilm can develop.

The plastic tote, or vessel, is easy to clean and has rounded corners that are easy to rinse and do not hamper water movement.  If the tote becomes damaged or scratched over time, they are inexpensive to replace.


accessories, microbial foods and tips

There are many recipes for compost teas out there. We have our preferences and get consistent results.

Many good tools for applying teas and extracts exist. We have used many and found some good and some not-so-good. We’re happy to share this information with you and give you our resources.

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